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This page goes over the terms of use of my website (which consists of all pages on peteryu.ca). The terms apply to you when you view or access content on PeterYu.ca or when you submit content via the discussion or comments sections on my pages.


The content on this website, excluding user comments, is my opinion only.

The information on this website can be wrong.

There is no engineering advice on this site: any technical content must be treated the same as uninformed opinion.

I am not responsible for the content in user comments in the Discussion sections of my pages. The user comments are the opinions of their authors.

I am not responsible for the content in external links (i.e. pages not on peteryu.ca).


All content on peteryu.ca is Copyright © Peter Yu. All rights reserved.

Code Samples

You can freely use code samples in my tutorials any way you want. I would appreciate it if you credited me or linked back to peteryu.ca if you do use my code, but it is not required.

Fan Art

Artwork under the Fan Art section of my artwork gallery that contains designs and characters owned by other parties is a special case. I do not claim ownership or copyright of any non-original designs or characters.

Comment Policy

Do not post anything that is slanderous or in violation of the laws of your country, the laws of the country in which peteryu.ca is hosted or international law.

All comments must be relevant to the page on which it is posted. Do not spam.

By submitting any content via the discussion or comments sections on my pages, you are giving me full permission to use the content in any way I see fit without compensation to you or any other party.

I reserve the right to remove any comment for any reason whatsoever.

Privacy Policy

When you access peteryu.ca, certain private information may be collected from you. The server automatically logs the IP address, date and time and user agent information of any access attempt. When you submit a comment or send me an email, your email address and the name you provide will also be logged.

I respect your privacy and will not sell or disclose any of the information to a third party except under certain circumstances:

  • The name you provide on the comment form will be shown next to your comment to identify the author of each comment.
  • Your private information may be provided to the authorities, internet service providers or other parties if these terms of use or any laws are violated.

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