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About Me

I graduated from Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo and continued in the same department to complete a Master of Applied Science degree with the Vision and Image Processing Lab. Aside from my research interests in image analysis and remote sensing, I dabble in 3D and computer generated artwork and enjoy cycling recreationally. I am also interested in sustainable technology and have spent some time as a volunteer and advisor to the Sustainable Technology Education Project at Waterloo.

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Terms of Use

This page goes over the terms of use of my website (which consists of all pages on peteryu.ca). The terms apply to you when you view or access content on PeterYu.ca or when you submit content via the discussion or comments sections on my pages.

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This is the last link on my site, the colophon. In old printed books, the colophon was usually the last page and contained publication information and remarks about the production of the book. Literally taking a page from those old books, this page describes the tools, infrastructure and design elements used to produce PeterYu.ca.

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About Peter Yu I am a research and development professional with expertise in the areas of image processing, remote sensing and computer vision. I received BASc and MASc degrees in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. My working experience covers industries ranging from district energy to medical imaging to cinematic visual effects. I like to dabble in 3D artwork, I enjoy cycling recreationally and I am interested in sustainable technology. More about me...

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