AT-ST Battle

August 1998

Avery early attempt making a Star Wars battle scene, made using the first integrated 3D package I used - trueSpace 2. Technically I used POV-Ray 2 first, but I could find no images from that time. The AT-ST, the TIE Interceptor and the X-Wing had just been built and this was the display scene. Everything was made in trueSpace itself, except for the effect where the blaster bolts are hitting the ground. That, I believe was painted in with Photoshop, using an airbrush and then adding a lens flare on top of each. The background was also made in Photoshop, using render clouds and a lens flare. Can you tell I liked lens flares back then?

AT-ST Battle

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Production Info

RenderertrueSpace 2
Render timeLess than 3 hours
Original resolution1024 x 768

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