Attack Formation

March 2005

The bomber was my favourite model from Ultor Romae and I didn't have a scene to show it in detail even though I re-did the model for the Special Edition, added a pilot and redid all the textures. So when I was pulling out old files to gather all of my CG renders, I decided to just take the existing bomber flyby from the movie and modify it so it was day time and had nice puffy clouds. So I loaded the scene in LightWave 7 and added some nice Hypervoxels clouds. I also rendered with radiosity, so the bomber was lit more evenly. Unfortunately, when I cleaned up the directory, I accidentally removed the modified scene, so I don't have the source files to make further tweaks. Luckily I have a higher res version at 1400 x 1050, which I'm currently (March 2005) using as my wallpaper. Straight out of Lightwave there was a problem with banding caused by the Hypervoxels sprites I used, so I had to use The GIMP to smooth that out. It would not be noticeable in an animation, however.

Attack Formation

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Production Info

RendererLightWave 7.5
ComputerInitial scene - Devastator; Final Render - Echo-Base
Render time1 hour, 3 minutes
Original resolution1400 x 1050

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