Enterprise Blows Something Up

June 1997 (model creation) & March 2005 (final render)

This is the only image that uses a trueSpace model in a Lightwave 7.5 scene. The Enterprise (“No bloody A, B, C or D”) model seen here is the oldest model I still have a copy of. It's very low detailed and has no textures. I believe I created this one afternoon and I had a very hard time making the shape of the saucer section (since it had to rise up in the middle). I did not have any pictures of this and since it was the oldest model I still have, I just decided to quickly put together a scene that features it. So here it is, the Enterprise blowing something up. In retrospect, this is exactly the same setup as the Shark Flyer. I guess I just like having my vehicles shoot at some unknown thing offscreen. Or I'm just too lazy to model the aforementioned unknown thing. I was actually tempted to have it blow up an Earth-force destroyer (the nice flat surfaces at its sides are perfect for being sliced by beam weapons - that's why White Stars and Shadows alike love tearing them apart), but I decided against it since it would basically amount to a war between Earth and Earth, which would just be awkward.

Enterprise Blows Something Up

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Production Info

RendererLightwave 7.5
ComputerModeling - P-90; Final Render - Echo-Base
Render timeapproximately 6 minutes total time for all passes.
Original resolution1024 x 768

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