War Amongst the Stars

May 2002

For my OAC English project, I had to make a presentation about the topic I studied, which was war in science fiction. Back in those days, the word presentation was synonomous with the word 3d animation for me. So I created an entire mockup scenario which involved a reconnaissance recording of enemy fleet operations, a frame of which is shown here. I think the fact that I created this was lost on the class and the English teacher, because they thought I just used clips from TV. I re-used the bomber from Ultor Romae to save time. However, this does not mean that their capabilities in this animation, which includes the ability to destroy a planet, are canon. They are nothing more than Emperor Palatine's propaganda clips which were transmitted and erroneously thought to be actual footage of fleet operations. I also quickly put together a cruiser (although in retrospect it is more of a destroyer), that is a cross between the aft section of a Nebulon-B frigate in Star Wars and the general form of the Earth Force Omega-class destroyers from Babylon 5. I originally rendered at 640 x 480 but this is a rerendered poster version at 1024 x 768.

War Amongst the Stars

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Production Info

RendererLightwave 5.6
Render timeLess than 10 minutes.
Original resolution1024 x 768


The texture on the hull of the cruiser is derived from the generic panels texture that Newtek includes with Lightwave. The nebula image is a real Hubble Space Telescope image of NGC 2440, credited to NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI) and created using data acquired by Howard Bond (STScI) and Robin Ciardullo (Penn State).

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