Operation Iron Fist

April 2001 & March 2005 (final render)

This is another scene that I revisited when I was going through my old files looking for any images I made. This is the riot scene from Ultor Romae, with smoke added to the environment via Hypervoxels and a particle emitter. The backdrop is still the same low contrast picture that was originally used, the smoke just covers it up, making it look a little better. If I had to redo that scene again, the smoke would definitely be present. It could be tear gas, or something to obscure the massacre from independent reporters, or the rioters could have set off a fire. Like the original scene, the blasters were added as a post process (with The GIMP), except this time I had to fake the illumination on the smoke due to the light, which was done by blurring out the beam (same way as when making lightsabres) and applying (using Multiply) a Solid Noise layer to this blurred layer. This might not hold up in an animation, which should use the same pattern as the underlying smoke. It can probably be solved by using an HV-only layer as the multiply layer. The scene took a long time to render but that can be sped up if I sacrificed some quality (such as not using any raytraced lights for the HV illumination and using fewer particles). The one thing I don't like here is the robot model - it is kind of weak, and I especially never liked how the head looked. But the smoke makes it so much better.

Operation Iron Fist

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Production Info

RendererLightwave 7.5
ComputerInitial scene - Devastator; Final Render - Echo-Base
Render time1 hour, 10 minutes
Original Resolution1024 x 768

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