September 1996

This is the earliest 3D rendering that I still have. It was made in TrueSpace 2. I found this on an old floppy disk in late 2010. This was basically how I wanted my study room to look like at the time. A few elements in the image are based in reality: the telescope and the desk pad (I had to look on the Staples website to find out what it was called). The pink carpet is a prime example of learned helplessness: when my parents changed the carpet in the house from a nice generic gray to pink when I was 10, my protests fell on deaf ears. I was so resigned to the fact that I could do nothing about the colour of the carpet that even my imaginary study had to have the same carpet colour. The picture of Saturn is from NASA. The clouds visible through the windows is the clouds wallpaper from Windows 95, with the idea being that the room is virtual and resides on a computer running Windows.


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Production Info

RendererTrueSpace 2
Render timeNot recorded
Original resolution800 x 600

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