These are some of the CG artwork that I have made over the years. There is a mix of original ideas and images based on science fiction like Star Wars or Star Trek. The renderings are sorted by date with the latest ones listed first. The earlier pictures were made with Caligari TrueSpace and the later ones were made with Newtek LightWave 3D.

Original Art

Radar Satellite Pantheon Deorum eXperimental Haptic Tablet The Secret To Solid Muscle AquaSula Attack Formation Gentoo Kung Fu Operation Iron Fist Grass Star War Amongst the Stars Planetary Firecracker City Sunset Shark Flyer Room

Fan Art

Terminator Skull Vader's Hammer Souvenir From Hoth Someone's been naughty this year... The Real Hero Who Destroyed The Death Star X-Wing Starburst Coruscant Fireworks X-Wings Over Ocean Base Enterprise Attacks Something The Defiant TIE Interceptor AT-ST Night Patrol AT-ST Battle

Vector Art

Running A Code

About Peter Yu I am a research and development professional with expertise in the areas of image processing, remote sensing and computer vision. I received BASc and MASc degrees in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. My working experience covers industries ranging from district energy to medical imaging to cinematic visual effects. I like to dabble in 3D artwork, I enjoy cycling recreationally and I am interested in sustainable technology. More about me...

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