Terminator Skull

May 2009

A quickly put together partial model of a Terminator skull (the back is incomplete). This was used for doing some fun little composite images to turn a regular person into a Terminator with the skin partially torn off. Created right after it was announced that, unfortunately, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles had been canceled just when it was getting intriguing. The model is lit with a panaroma of a room in my apartment in order to match the photograph to which this model is composited; this was fully global illuminated with backdrop radiosity and ambient occlusion. There is only procedural texturing for the surfaces.

Terminator Skull

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Production Info

RendererLightWave 7.5
ComputerFinal Render: Vader's Hammer; Reflection Map: Noctua
Render time1 hour
Original resolution710 x 880


  • The teeth and “gums” were obtained from the Make Human mesh to save on modeling time.

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