X-Wing Starburst

August 2003, November 2010 (final render)

In 2003, I was starting to work on a new version of my website. I planned on having a Star Wars and sci-fi section and I wanted a background image for the upper right corner of each page. I created this scene but I never got around to uploading that particular version of the website. This scene was forgotten until late 2010 when I was rummaging through my 3D folder (still named /truspace/ in reference to Caligari Truespace, one of the programs that I started 3D with). The background starburst is a LightWave lens flare composited against a light gray background. The X-Wing model had been slightly upgraded since using it in X-Wings Over Ocean Base: the R2 unit now has a texture and there's a pilot (the same pilot used for Ultor Romae, which can be barely glimpsed in the Attack Formation scene). When I finally rendered this, I added ambient occlusion to all the surfaces to get better shading.

X-Wing Starburst

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Production Info

RendererLightWave 9.6
ComputerEcho-Base, Vader's Hammer
Render time3 minutes 37 seconds
Original resolution1600 x 1200

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